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Catch your halibut


Tour "Catch your halibut"

5 days / 4 nights









Day 1. Sakhalin - Iturup.

18:20 – Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (we recommend taking things on board in hand luggage).

19:25 – Arrival. Meeting the group at the Yasny airport, Kurilsk.

20:00 - 21:00 – visit to the thermal springs "Vannochki".

Thermal mineral water is poured out of a 440 m deep well drilled in 1986. Self-flowing water temperature 46°С.

Water is used for irrigation, baths, showers, diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system (polyatrites, arthritis, radiculitis, rheumatism), gynecological, metabolic disorders, the nervous system, some gynecological, urological and skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis).

21:20 - check in to the hotel.




Day 2. Iturup.

08:00 – Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 – group Meeting at the hotel. Transfer to the place of departure for fishing. Instruction, going out to sea for fishing. You will be accompanied by a professional guide throughout the tour. Experience in sea fishing for more than 10 years.

Halibut Iturup - a pipe dream of many fishermen, and with us You can fulfill your long-standing dream. In General, everything is caught here and in very large numbers: terpug, trout, pink salmon, chum, Kunja, flounder and other types of fish - cod, terpug, perch, catfish, which even Sakhalin is not so rich in.

Halibut, despite its size, is a very cautious fish. Halibut fishing takes place on spinning (Amateur method) and it is not comparable to any of the sea fishing, only, perhaps, with fishing for Marlin, sailfish or tuna. Halibut reaches a weight of 15 to 120 kg, and some individuals and more. Fishing for halibut is a command - line fishing. It is interesting that in the process of fishing, if one of the fishermen is biting and he was able to hook the halibut, the rest need to quickly wind their rods and remove them to the side. In the fight for their lives, the halibut fish behaves very aggressively, and it will not be difficult to confuse all the gear near them. While lucky is struggling with the halibut, lifting it from the depth, two people prepare a hook and a noose. The hook is used to lift the halibut on Board, and the loop is used to throw it on the tail to deprive the fish of maneuverability. Such fishing excitement even experienced fishermen remember for a very long time. Lunch is included in the program.

18:00 - dinner on your own




Day 3. Iturup.

08:00  – Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 – group Meeting at the hotel.

Departure to the fumarole field of The Baransky Volcano. Very amazing colors and a feeling as if in a fairy tale, where the earth smokes and breathes steam.

11:00-12:00 - Departure to the boiling lakes "Blue eyes" with sour sulfuric acid. The water in the lake is a rich emerald color, there is a constant column of steam above it, the water temperature in it is about 100°C. The view is simply extraordinary and the photos are fantastic.

Going down below, you get to the thermal springs of the "Boiling river", taking baths in nitrogen-carbon dioxide and sulfuric-acid mineral waters, the temperature of which varies from 42 to 70°C. They are used in baths for the treatment of joints, diseases of the nervous peripheral system, as well as skin diseases.

We recommend that you bring a thermos of tea and a snack. Free time and swimming.

15:00-17:00 - Departure to the city, visit The yankito Lava plateau - a frozen lava of unusual island forms, which was formed during the eruption of the Bogdan Khmelnitsky volcano in contact with the sea.

18:00 – lunch and dinner on your own





Day 4. Iturup-Sakhalin..

breakfast at hotel. 

Check out of the hotel. Collection of the group (departure with things). 

09:00-11:00 – Visit to the Bay of Olya and wall waterfalls,

in other words, they are called "weeping rocks". A picturesque place where fresh water flows out, oozes out of the rock in small waterfalls. A place for unique and bright photos.

11:00-14:00 - Departure to the Black and White rocks.

Black rocks - rather similar in color to gray columnar rocks with a beach of black volcanic sand, which shimmers in the sun.

Further for a few kilometers stretch of White cliffs. They are also formed by a volcano and consist of pumice.

Once, when the volcano erupted, these places were under water. And the lava, saturated with gases and flowing from the bowels of the earth under water, foamed and bubbled, instantly freezing. So pumice deposits were formed under the water, which later rose above the sea, during one of the many earthquakes.

We recommend taking a snack and a thermos of tea with you.

Walk along the beach along the White rocks. Further, if the sea is low for transport by car, it will be possible to get to the Bay of Parusnaya and see the waterfall "Devichy Kosy". The waterfall is located in a small gorge. A waterfall in two streams falls from the mountain with such force and energy that you feel your body is filled with new strength.

14:00-16:00 – Return to the city.

16:00-17:00 – Visit to the "Zharkiye vody" thermal springs.

Neutral water is sodium-chloride siliceous, suitable for spilling as a medical canteen. The water temperature of the Zharkiye vody source exceeds +60 degrees. Diseases that show courses of hydrotherapy and balneotherapy: joint health, kidney treatment, improved blood circulation, metabolic processes, sleep, well-being, tissue regeneration, stress resistance, raising immunity, etc. You can also get treatment with healing mud on the territory of the complex.

17:20-18:20 – Lunch and Dinner on your own.

18:20-18:40 – Departure to the airport. Departure at 19:45,

Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at 21: 00. Transfer to hotel. Rest.




Day 5. Sakhalin

07:00 – 09:00 – Breakfast at the hotel.

Delivery of hotel rooms

11:00 – group Meeting in the hotel lobby. Exit. Visit to the fish market.

13:00 - transfer to the airport. Departure for the flight



The program price includes:

- accommodation in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the hotel "Mega Palace 4*" with double accommodation;

- accommodation in the town of Kurilsk at the hotel "the Island" based on double occupancy;

- meals according to the program;

- transfers according to the program;

- excursions according to the program;

- entrance tickets to the Museum, thermal springs, fishing gear rental.


Paid additionally:

- ticket Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk – Kurilsk – Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk from-11900 rubles;

- meals not included in the program;

- personal expenses not included in the program.


Seasonality: May-October

Duration: 5 days

Difficulty level: medium

Number of people in a group: from 4 people

Transport: bus, cross-country bus, boat

Accompanying: guide (on Sakhalin), guide (on Iturup)

Meals: according to the program

What to bring: comfortable waterproof clothing and shoes for Hiking, a camera


The program can be downloaded here - Catch your halibut Tour (5 days -4 nights)



Cost for 1 person-62,000 rubles (for a group of 4 people or more)

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