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Island Kunashir

Kunashir is the southernmost and one of the largest Islands of the Great Kuril range.it is washed by the Pacific ocean on one side and the sea of Okhotsk on the other. It attracts tourists with its wild nature and active volcanoes.


The main natural attraction of Kunashir is considered to be the tyatya volcano, this giant (height of more than 2 km) "woke up" last time in 1973, after that people left the Northern part of the island and it is still the most deserted region of Kunashir.
The thermal spring Chaika, or as it is also called Dobry Klyuch, is located on the East coast of the island of Kunashir.
Goryachiy Plyazh (Hot beach) is a small village located on the slope of the Mendeleev volcano. On the coastal areas and in the tidal zone at the foot of the volcano there are many steam hydrotherms, which are alkaline, sodium-chloride sources with a water temperature of 60-100°, used for medicinal purposes and for growing vegetables in a greenhouse.
Columnar-a Cape on the West coast of Kunashir island, which is a picturesque steep cliffs up to 40-50 meters high, formed as a result of the stratification of basalt lavas of the Mendeleev volcano with a well-defined columnar separation in the form of five-and six-sided columns.
A Caldera is a vast Cirque-shaped basin of volcanic origin, often with steep walls and a more or less flat bottom. This decrease in terrain is formed on a volcano after the collapse of the crater walls or as a result of its catastrophic eruption.
The Mendeleev volcano is an active volcano located in the southern part of the island of Kunashir. it belongs to the specially protected natural territories and was awarded the status of a state natural monument in 1983.  
The rapids of the Sour stream are located almost at the highway (9 km) and are very picturesque cascades framed by coniferous forest along the banks.
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