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Summer excursions

Visiting the sea lions (Nevelsk)
ХХХХ rub.
Sea lions are the largest representative of the family of eared seals. Also known as Steller's Northern sea lion.
Aniva Lighthouse 
6500 rub.
One of the most striking excursions on the island is the Aniva lighthouse...
Rafting on the rivers of Sakhalin
4500 rub.
We offer rafting on full-flowing rivers (lyutoga, Naiba) in the spring...
3000 rub.
We invite You to a gastronomic tour...
The Cape Giant
4900 rub.
Cape Velikan is a natural monument, probably the most impressive place on the Sakhalin coast... 
Cape Evstafiya
4900 rub.
On the Eastern coast of Sakhalin island, almost at its tip...
The Bay is Quiet and Klekowski waterfall
4000 rub.
In the Makarovsky district, FR. Sakhalin is a Quiet Bay - a stunningly beautiful place...
Zhdanko Ridge
4000 rub.
Zhdanko ridge is a Federal-grade geological natural monument in Russia...
Cape Crillon with overnight stay.
ХХХХ rub.
Cape Crillon is the southernmost point of Sakhalin island...
Busse Lake
6000 rub.
Sakhalin is called the lake district and for good reason, because there are 17,219 lakes in the Sakhalin region...
Mount Vida and the cave of Bear Tragedies
8000 rub.
The majestic two-headed mountain Vida is the highest point...
The salmon spawning
6000 rub.
One of the most popular excursions is "salmon Spawning", where You will see a unique phenomenon...
Chekhov's Peak
1500 rub.
Chekhov peak, rising 1045 meters above sea level, is located near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk...
Ethnic village of sled dogs
ХХХХ rub.
We suggest you visit the ethnic village of sled dogs! ...
Fishing on a yacht
ХХХХ rub.
We invite You to a real fishing adventure, sea fishing on a comfortable motor yacht...
Devil's and witch's bridge
ХХХХ rub.
Both bridges attract thousands of tourists from all regions of Russia...
Leftover Frog
ХХХХ rub.
One of the most mysterious places on Sakhalin is considered to be the remains of the Frog...
Mud volcano
ХХХХ rubb.
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk mud volcano is one of the largest mud volcanoes in Russia
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 106 Mira Ave., shopping center "Dom Torgovli", 2nd floor
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